Alice Zaslavsky

Alice Zaslavsky is your tiny kitchen friend. Open the fridge and oop!—there she is, ready to help you make something delicious. Just kidding! She’s a fully grown adult with her own home to live in… it’s like Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but for flavour instead of child endangerment.

And just like Willy Wonka, Alice has been working on a whole lot of tools to make the kitchen your favourite room in the house. In fact, we don’t know how to stop her.

There’s a little bit of Alice for everything, from helping you decide what’s for dinner at @aliceinframes and filling your bookshelf with her award-winning In Praise of Veg and Alice’s Food A-Z for the kids, to slinging foodie tips on ABC News Breakfast and making jars of unimaginably tasty pantry boosters from by Alice.

Alice’s mission is pretty simple: to help us feel empowered to cook. She wants us to invite others into our kitchens and embrace food as a source of joy and connection, and nourish one another with meals, facts, treats, ideas and love.

And to visit cheese shops, yes. But mostly the nourishment thing.


Guest Recipes