Allen's Laksa Lemak

Cook Time 30 minutes

Servings 2


Wet Laksa Paste:
50g galangal (finely cut)
200g lemongrass (finely cut)
100g long red chilli (finely cut)
5g turmeric powder
40g garlic
100g onion (finely cut)
20g dried chilli (soaked)
1/2 tsp shrimp paste (Malaysian Blachan)
5 tbsp oil
50g candlenuts
10g curry leaves

Dried Laksa Paste:
20g fennel powder
30g curry powder
20g coriander powder
6 tbsp water
(Note: mix the above to form a paste) 

2L chicken stock
400mL coconut cream
salt to taste

100g Rice Vermicelli Noodles (soaked)
40 g bean sprouts
1L water

100g prawn meat (cooked)
80g deep fried tofu
100g chicken breast (boiled then shredded)
100g fish cake (sliced)
100g fish balls
1 hard-boiled egg (halve)

20g spring onion (cut into rings)
30g mint leaves (leaves only)
A wedge of lemon or lime (for garnish)


Wet Laksa Pasta:
Blend all of the ingredients into a fine paste.
Heat wok with enough oil to fry Laksa paste over medium heat, stir and cook until a layer of red oil surfaces.
Add the dried paste and continue to fry until well blended.

Pour in coconut cream and gently bring to boil, then add the chicken stock.
Once boiling, remove from stove, filter, discard residue and transfer to a clean pot.
Keep warm in low heat.

In another pot, heat 1L water to boiling.
Blanch bean sprouts for 5 seconds, remove and place in a bowl.
Blanch noodles until soft, drain, remove and place on top of bean sprouts.

Add the prawn meat, tofu, chicken breast, fish cake, fish balls and egg to the noodles.
Pour Laksa paste over the top and garnish with spring onion and mint


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