Beef Carpaccio

Cook Time 3 hours

Servings 4 people as a starter


200gm trimmed eye fillet or rump
salt & pepper
2 handfuls roquette
50 gms best quality parmesan or manchego cheese
olive oil
4 x lemon wedges to serve


Dust beef with pepper (optional) and wrap very tightly with cling film to form a cylinder. Tie off ends and place into freezer – approx. 2 hours. Your butcher should be able to wrap this for you.

Meanwhile toss roquette, cheese & olive oil together and put aside

Remove beef from freezer and unwrap slicing as you go. Its important that the slices are very thin, almost translucent. This is where a good sharp knife is best.

Lay beef slices, slightly overlapping in a clockwise direction on the plate leaving enough space in the middle for a small handful of the roquette salad.

Place salad in the middle of beef and serve immediately with wedges of lemon.

You will need a razor sharp knife
Make sure your chopping board is well cleaned
Keep beef chilled at all times


Beef Carpaccio


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