Berry Turmeric Overnight Oats with Kefir

Prep Time 10 minutes + soaking overnight

Servings 2


½ cup rolled oats

3 tsp chia seeds

A pinch each of ground turmeric, ground ginger, ground cinnamon and ground cardamon

1 cup natural or lactose-free kefir

2 tsp maple syrup (or sweetener of choice)

½ cup berries (or other fruit)


Mix the oats, chia, spices, kefir and maple syrup together. Spoon into a jar or bowl and top with the fruit. Close the lid or cover and refrigerate overnight.

These overnight pots are great to make ahead of time to grab in the morning… although I am also known to grab one for lunch if I have not made lunch ahead of time!

They are both delicious and nutritious containing probiotics from the Kefir, good pre-biotic fibres from the oats and chia plus the omega 3’s from the chia and vitamins from the fruit. Easy to put together, you will reap the rewards when consuming kefir in small amounts on a regular basis.

You can eat this cold straight from the fridge, but you can also pour it out in the morning and heat it for a change in winter.


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