Black Mussels Scented with Coriander

Cook Time 20 minutes

Servings 4


2 kg very fresh small black mussels, cleaned of their beard and washed
200ml coconut cream
100ml cream
Dill to garnish
1tbsp olive oil

Coriander paste
½ bunch coriander picked and washed
1 chilli deseeded and sliced
2 shallots sliced
1 garlic clove sliced finely
1 stalk lemongrass sliced (use only tender core)
1 tsp fresh turmeric grated
½ tsp coriander seeds dry roasted and crushed
50g palm sugar grated
2 kaffir lime leaves finely sliced
1 tbsp grape seed oil


In a wide pot with a tight fitting lid, heat up olive oil to a high temperature.

Add mussels and stirring well for 30 seconds nonstop, it must fry, steam and make noise. Cover and cook for approximately 2 minutes. As soon as they begin to open strain them and reserve the liquid

Fry the coriander paste in a little oil until fragrant then add the cooking liquids of the mussel. Bring to simmering point and then whisk in the cream and coconut cream.

To Serve:
Divide the mussels between 4 bowls, pour over the broth and garnish with a little dill

This is a very quick to do, simple but very pleasant and the sweetness of the coconut beaks up the natural saltiness of the mussels and the coriander paste blend the sea flavour.

Coriander Paste:
Blend all ingredients to a paste. Make this first; it can be done the day before. 


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