Caramelized Lemon Tart

Cook Time 1.5 hours + cooling and resting time (overnight)

Servings 8


Chocolate Sable
480g strong bakers flour
40g cocoa powder
320g butter
190g icing sugar
75g eggs (2 eggs)

Lemon Cream
3 coarse pieces of lemon rind
Juice of 3 lemons
300g caster sugar
200g butter
300g egg (7-8 eggs)


Chocolate Sable
Beat butter and icing sugar – add the eggs slowly. Add the flour and cocoa powder. Cover with cling wrap and rest in fridge overnight.

Roll out Sable dough to 2.5mm thick. Line 22cm tart ring and bake blind at 180°C for 30 minutes. 

Allow to cool.

Lemon Cream

Melt butter over a low heat with lemon rind, then add the lemon juice. Whisk sugar and eggs together until well combined. (Make sure not to leave this mixture for too long or else the sugar will begin to cook the eggs).

Slowly add lemon juice mixture to egg mix, stirring simultaneously.
Place in stainless steel bowl and cook over a bain-marie (85°C), for approximately 30 minutes, until thick, stirring every 5 minutes.
Cover with cling film and place in fridge until cold, ideally overnight.

Pour the lemon cream into the chocolate sable, and flatten the surface using a pallet knife. Then allow to set in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Once set, dust generously with caster sugar and using a kitchen blowtorch carefully caramelize the sugar.

Finish with dusting the edges of the tart with icing sugar.


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