Chicken Liver Pate alla Toscana

Cook Time 1 hour + chilling

Servings 6-8


For the Parmigiano Biscotti

100g plain flour Tipo 00

100g grated parmigiano

100g caster sugar

75g polenta flour

110g soft butter

1 egg

For the pate

500g of chicken liver

60g butter

Half brown onion (finely diced)

2 leaves of sage

10g capers

15g anchovies

30ml vin santo (sweet wine)

250ml chicken stock

Salt and pepper

This is a Tuscan entrée and we tried at Giro d’ Italia to make it more appetible for Australians, so this is not the original recipe but we have taken inspiration and made it more modern and we substitute the bread crostini with Parmigiano Biscotti and add some fresh seasonal fruit and balsamic vinegar.


In a large bowl mix all the ingredients.

Once the ingredients are well mixed, transfer the dough onto a piece of glad wrap and form

a roll that is approximately 2cm in diameter.

Let rest in the fridge for 2 hours at least.

Take off the cling wrap and cut pieces of half cm and transfer the biscotti onto a tray with

baking paper. Leave 2 cm between each one and cook in the oven at 180C for 8-10mins.

Slice the onion and caramelize in a frypan with the butter.

Add the cleaned chicken liver and brown them, Careful not to burn the onion. Add capers, anchovies, sage and a little salt. Add the sweet wine and let evaporate completely. Add the stock bit by bit and cook gradually and slowly until the stock is finished and absorbed, similar to how risotto is cooked. Blitz everything or chop finely with a chefs knife. Season with salt and pepper and refrigerate.

To plate up, place the Parmigiano biscotti onto a plate. Form a quenelle with 2 teaspoons and place the pate on top of the biscotti. Cut a piece of seasonal fruit such as strawberry or raspberry small enough to be placed on top of the pate. One drop of balsamic vinegar, one drop of EVOO, 1 flake of sea salt and to finish a little sprig of thyme.

This is perfect for a nibble with a drink when you invite friends to your home ... for sure you will impress them.


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