Chilli Beef Brisket

Cook Time 2 hours

Servings 4


1kg piece boneless brisket
2 tbs smoked paprika
2 tbs dried chilli flakes
2 tbs garlic
1 tbs ground coriander
1 tbs ground cumin
2 tbs worcestershire sauce
1 tbs salt
2 tbs brown sugar
1 tbs olive oil


Pre heat oven to 150c

Place brisket on a roasting tray and rub with olive oil and season with the salt. Roast uncovered for 2 hours at 150c

Place all the remaining dried ingredients into a mortar and pestle and mix. Then add worcestershire sauce and mix until the rub represents a ‘crumble’. Set aside

Once beef is cooked, remove and rest uncovered until its cool enough to handle easily. Tear apart the brisket with your hands into long and chunky pieces, not too fine

Cover the torn beef with all of the spice rub and rub until well coated. Pan fry on a high heat, adding just a small amount of olive oil, for 10 mins or until the beef is starting to really crisp up.

Serve on top of cucumber, natural yoghurt and mint salad


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