Chocolate Pot With Coffee And Coconut Foam, Dried Raspberries

Cook Time 25 minutes (+refrigeration time)

Servings 6


1 whole egg
6 yolks
125g sugar
500ml cream
1 vanilla pod
70g cocoa powder
60g dark chocolate

Coconut Foam
270g coconut cream
30ml Lavazza Coffee espresso
Sea salt to taste
1 tsp vanilla extract
Freeze dried raspberries to garnish


Mix eggs and sugar. Bring cream to the boil with vanilla pods. Add cocoa powder to egg mix, pour cream over, return to a low heat, cook out. Pour over chocolate, mix well. Set in pots and refrigerate

For the Coconut foam, mix all together, place in espuma gun. Carefully pipe onto chocolate pot before serving.

Place raspberries for garnish on top of coconut foam.


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