Eggs a la Flamenca

Cook Time 20 minutes

Servings 4


4 large organic eggs
4 large oxheart tomatoes (empty with open top)
400mls tomato juice
2 cloves garlic
1 chilli, deseeded and chopped
Manchego cheese

For Serving Salad:
Drizzle of olive oil
1 punnet yellow teardrop tomatoes
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
1 black Russian tomato, cut into quarters
1 pink lady tomato cut into quarters
mint leaves picked and washed
basil leaves picked and washed


Sautee chilli and garlic in medium heat pan, until soft.
Add tomato juice, and season with salt and pepper, then cook for 5 minutes. Pour into a jug.
On a tray set the empty tomatoes.  Pour the hot tomato juice into each of them, and crack and egg inside as well.
Bake for 7 minutes at 200 degrees and finish with grated manchego cheese on top and some torn up jamon.
Serve on top of salad with sour dough to dip in the tomato.


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