Kefir Bircher Muesli with Tropical Fruit Salad

Cook Time 15 minutes + overnight chilling

Servings 4


200g rolled oats

300ml lactose-free kefir plus extra to serve

1 golden kiwi fruit, blended until smooth

½ cup cloudy apple juice

Pinch cinnamon

2 tbsp almonds, toasted and chopped

Shredded coconut, to serve

Fruit salad

Frozen lychees, defrosted and chopped

Frozen mango, defrosted and chopped

Frozen Dragon fruit, defrosted and chopped

Zest 1 lime

1 tbsp honey


Place the rolled oats in a bowl and mix through kefir, kiwi puree, apple juice and cinnamon. Cover and chill overnight.

For the fruit salad, combine all the ingredients together.

Stir through extra kefir to loosen muesli. Divide into bowls and top with fruit salad and nuts and coconut.


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