Mejadra Rice

Cook Time 1 hour

Servings 6 as a side


Vegetable oil, for deep-frying

4 large brown onions, finely sliced

1 cup of Puy lentils

1 cup of basmati rice, washed until the water is clear (4 or 5 times)

20g butter

1 tsp ground allspice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

50g of pine nuts, toasted

1/2 a pomegranate, seeds removed

1/4 of cup of raisins, soaked in warm water for 15 minutes

Salt & pepper


To par cook the lentils, place them in a pot or sauté pan and cover with water. Cook for 10 minutes. Drain.

While the lentils are cooking, heat oil in a pot so it reaches 180C. Working in batches (1 large handful at a time), add the onions to the hot oil. Using a slotted spoon, turn in the oil until evenly caramelised. Remove and drain on a paper towel.

Wipe the lentil pot clean and melt butter, then add the spice. Cook for a few seconds until fragrant and then add the washed rice and coat well. Season with salt and pepper and add 1 1/2 cups of water. Scatter the lentils and ½ of the raisins over the top and cook with the lid on, on a medium-low heat for 10-15 minutes, until the water has been completely absorbed.

Using a fork separate the grains. Add half of the onion and fold through. Place onto a platter and garnish with the remaining onions, nuts, raisins and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.


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