Mushroom Salad with Goat’s Cheese Crouton

Cook Time 45 minutes

Servings 4


400g mixed fresh mushrooms (such as button, Shimeji, Swiss brown, oyster, enoki)

3 French shallots, cut in half

¼ tsp coriander seeds

2 large mesclun lettuce

3 sprigs of parsley, leaves picked

4 thick slices of baguette, lightly toasted

250g goat’s cheese (ideally the thickness of the baguette), sliced into 4 thick rounds

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Salt & pepper


Heat a grill pan over high heat.

Crush coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle, add salt, pepper and olive oil and stir to combine.

Place mushrooms and shallots in a bowl and drizzle over coriander oil.

Grill shallots for 2 minutes then add the mushrooms and grill until charred and softened.

Remove and place in a large bowl to cool slightly.

Preheat the grill element in the oven. Place cheese onto the lightly toasted bread and place on a tray and then under the grill. Melt the cheese until golden.

Add the lettuce leaves, parsley leaves, vinegar and remaining oil to the bowl of mushrooms and toss. Arrange mushroom salad into shallow bowls and top with melted goat’s cheese crouton.


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