Nougat Parfait

Cook Time 20 mins + freezing time

Servings 8


Caramelised Hazelnuts
Caster sugar                        50g
Water                                   30ml
Hazelnuts, shelled            100g

Nougat Parfait
Egg whites                           70g (2 eggs)
Honey                                  140g
Caramelised hazelnuts     100g
Pistachios                            75g
Almonds, whole toasted  80g
Dried cranberries              50g
Orange Zest                        ½
Cream 35% Fat                  500g


Caramelised Hazelnuts
Place the water, sugar and hazelnuts into a saucepan and heat on medium, stirring constantly.

Stir the mix to evaporate the water, onto crystallisation stage and through to caramel.

Pour the coated caramelised nuts onto a silicone mat and leave to cool.

Whisk the egg whites, boil the honey and pour onto the egg whites.

Whisk until cold and then fold in the dried fruit and nuts.

Whip the cream to form semi peaks, and fold in gently to the mix.

Set into a tray, loaf tin or mould lined with cling wrap, and freeze.

Turn out once frozen (minimum 4 hours) and cut with a sharp knife.

Serve with vanilla custard, fresh raspberries, orange segments and candied orange zest or whatever you like!


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