Prawn Tarama Toast

Cook Time 20 minutes

Servings 4


12 large prawns, heads and tails removed
Salt to taste
2 lemons
Pinch cayenne pepper 
4 x 12cm pita bread
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
100g tarama 
½ bunch chives, washed and cut into 3cm batons 
½ bunch tarragon, washed and picked
½ bunch chervil, washed and picked
½ cup flaked almonds, toasted


Peel the prawns and remove the intestinal tract. Place onto a chopping board and season with a generous pinch of salt. Finely grate the zest from 2 lemons and sprinkle over prawns with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Finley chop the prawn meat until fine and sticky.

Divide the prawn paste between the 4 pita breads and spread out evenly over one surface of each.

Preheat barbeque or frying pan to a medium heat.

Cut out 4 square sheets of baking paper just larger than the pita. Lightly brush the top of the prawn paste with the half of the olive oil and cover with the baking paper.

Carefully place the pita with the baking paper side down onto the pan or BBQ flat plate and cook for 3 minutes or until the prawn mix is cooked. Whilst cooking, brush the base of the pita with the remaining olive oil. Carefully flip the pita over, remove the baking paper, and cook for a further 1 minute on the base.

Remove from the barbeque/pan and place onto a serving plate. Drizzle the top of the pita with the tarama. Scatter over the toasted almonds and top with a fresh herb salad made by tossing together the fresh herbs and remaining olive oil.


Prawn Toast


Prawn Shumai