Red Velvet Cheesecake with Coconut Crumble

Cook Time 45 minutes

Servings 12


1 cup flour

100g butter, chopped

1/3 cup caster sugar

1 cup shredded coconut

1-1/2 cups chocolate biscuit crumbs

100g butter, extra, melted

750g cream cheese, softened

1 cup caster sugar, extra

1 tsp vanilla

4 eggs, lightly beaten

1 cup buttermilk

200g dark chocolate, melted and cooled slightly

1-1/2 tsp flavourless red food colour

Cream, for serving


Rub the butter into the combined flour and sugar until the mixture forms a crumbly dough. Add the coconut and press together into small lumps. Transfer mixture to a baking paper lined tray and bake in a moderate oven 180°C, stirring occasionally, for 25 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely before storing in an airtight container until required.

Combine the chocolate biscuit crumbs and extra butter. Press into the base of a greased and fully paper lined (ensure the paper extends 3-4 cm above the top of the pan) 24 cm round springform pan. Chill.

Beat the cream cheese, extra sugar and vanilla with an electric mixer until just smooth. Beat in the eggs, then stir through the buttermilk, chocolate and food colour. Pour the filling into the prepared base.

Bake in a moderately slow oven 160C for 50 minutes or until just set. Cool in the oven with door ajar. Chill.

Cover the top of the cheesecake with the prepared crumble just prior to serving, slice and serve with a dollop of cream.

TIP: Food colours differ in their intensity, so more or less may be needed depending on which one you use.


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