Rustic Chocolate Ganache with Coconut and Pumpkin Seed Base

Cook Time 20 min + chilling time

Servings 8



150g digestive biscuits

130g butter melted

30g coconut toasted

30g pumpkin seeds


225 g dark chocolate (caribou 45% to 60% cacao)

125ml fresh cream

125ml milk

3 egg yolks

10g liquid glucose

60g caster sugar

Vanilla essence (a few drops)

Raspberries to serve and double cream.



Crumb biscuits in a food processor then add toasted coconut pumpkin seed and blend until combined but still a little bit chunky. Add the melted butter and mix till combined, then place in a greased springform cake tin and press in tightly. Place in the fridge to set.


Melt chocolate in bain marie. In a pot, bring the cream and milk to a scald. Whisk yolks sugar vanilla together in a bowl then add the warm milk. Stirring continuously return to the heat until mixture thickens to “spoon coating” consistency or reaches 85 degrees, forming an anglaise.

Cool to 40 degrees then pour the anglaise over the chocolate in three stages to ensure it all emulsifies, add the glucose and stir gently to combine. Strain then pour the mixture into the base tin (19cm approx.) refrigerate for 3 hours until just set (when using lower percentage of cacao chocolate, set the ganache in the freezer). To serve, cut edge with a hot knife.


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