Scallops Grilled with Cauliflower, Feta Cream and Salted Pistachio Nut Crumble

Cook Time 30 minutes

Servings 4


16 Japanese scallops
1 cup pistachio kernels
olive oil

Cauliflower & Feta Cream
1 Cauliflower
1 ltr Cream
1 cup Milk
100g Butter
200g Persian Feta
Fresh Oregano (2 sprigs)
Salt and Pepper (pepper white ground)


To grill the scallops, take the roe off and place onto a tray and season with a little salt and pepper.
Using 2 black cast iron pan’s, heat them on high heat and add a little dash of olive oil into both.
When smoking, evenly place scallops over pans and reduce heat to medium to high.
Cook for 2mins on the first side and then turn. Cook for a further 2 to 3mins.
Once cooked, place onto a tray lined with absorbent towel.

Salted Pistachio crumble
Take 1 cup of pistachio kernels and crush them either in a food processor or with a meat mallet.

Place into a bowl and add a little olive oil and a good pinch of salt. Mix together. Check that the nuts aren’t too salty.

Cauliflower & Feta Cream

  1. Take cauliflower and cut into small pieces. Cutting off majority of stem

  2. Take small saucepan and place cauliflower into in and cover w cream. Just covering it

  3. Add half of the milk and if needed add remaining later.

  4. Season a little (remembering that the fetta is salty) so don’t add too much.

  5. Add butter and sprigs of oregano to saucepan.

  6. Place on a low heat and bring to the boil slowly.

  7. Once boiled, allow to simmer until cauliflower is cooked.

  8. Strain liquid (keeping liquid for blending)

  9. Remove any oregano leaf and stalk.

  10. Take a blender, add cauliflower and blend until smooth using excess cream to mix till a smooth consistency. (don’t over blend)

  11. Take four cubes of fetta and add to cauliflower and pulse through mix (if needed add extra cube one at a time)

  12. Remove cauliflower and taste for seasoning. It should be nice and creamy and rich w fetta taste)

  13. Take a sieve and pass through twice.

  14. Place in 1ltrs and store in fridge.

To plate the dish, take a large scoop of hot cauliflower cream and spread down the middle of a plate. Place a small amount of crumble over 4 scallops and place evenly down the cauliflower cream.

To finish, garnish with lightly dressed micro herbs.


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