Sesame Tuna and Soba Noodle Salad

Cook Time 20 minutes

Servings 2


2 x 185g cans of tuna in spring water

½ packet soba noodles

½ telegraph cucumber, seeds removed and julienned 

1 carrot, julienned 

½ cup edamame

1 handful of baby spinach

Pickled ginger, to garnish 

1 sheet of nori, finely chopped with scissors

Black sesame seeds, to garnish 


2 tbsp tahini 

2 tbsp mayonnaise 

1 tbsp rice vinegar 

1 tsp light soy sauce 

1 tsp honey 

½ tsp sesame oil


Cook the soba noodles as per packet instructions and then chill in cold water before draining well. 

For the dressing combine the ingredients together.

Drain tuna and fold through 1 tablespoon of the tuna into the dressing. 

To build the salad, portion noodles between bowls. Top with cucumber, carrot, edamame, spinach and pickled ginger. Drizzle with dressing then top with tuna and garnish with nori and sesame seeds.


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