Silverbeet and Ricotta Cannelloni

Cook Time 1 hour and 35 minutes

Servings 6


250g cannelloni shells

1 bunch silverbeet, chopped finely

1 x 500g ricotta

1 egg

50g grated parmigiano cheese

Extra virgin olive oil

Grated nutmeg

Sea salt flakes

Ground black pepper

2 x 410g cans of Ardmona Crushed tomatoes

1 brown onion, finely diced

1 garlic clove, finely chopped

1 long red chilli, finely chopped

½ birdseye chilli, finely chopped

1 bunch basil

1 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp plain flour

2 tbsp butter

2 cups full cream milk

Nutmeg, grated


Preheat oven to 200°C.

To make the filling, heat a frying pan with a little oil. Add the silverbeet and cook until wilted (approx. 5 minutes). You can cover with a lid to speed up the process. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Add to a bowl with the ricotta, egg, parmigiano cheese, nutmeg and season and mix together.

To make the sauce, heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a saucepan and add the onion, garlic and chilli. Cook on medium-high heat until a light golden colour then add the tinned tomatoes, basil, salt, sugar and pepper. Stir through, turn to a low heat, cover and cook for roughly 20 minutes.

In the meantime, to make the béchamel sauce heat a small pan and add the butter and flour. Continuously whisk until the flour has bubbled and reduced, then slowly add the milk whilst whisking. Add the nutmeg and continue to whisk until the mixture has thickened.

To assemble, pipe the mixture into the shells and lay flat on a baking tray covered with sauce, add a little more sauce on top of the cannelloni and then the béchamel and some grated parmigiano. Cover with foil and bake for 30-35 minutes.

Serve with grated parmigiano cheese.


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