Slow Cooked Sher Wagyu Rump, Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Gratin Dauphinois

Cook Time 1.5 hours

Servings 6-8


1-2 kg Wagyu Rump

500g brussel sprouts

100g speck/kaiserflliech
50g butter
500ml cream
2 tbspn olive oil
2 kilo desiree potatoes
2 garlic cloves
500g French shallots
sprig thyme
1-2 bay leaves
sea salt & pepper
250 ml chicken stock


Score the Wagyu Rump and season with salt, then seal with olive oil. Put skin side down into a hot pan for 3-4 mins to get a good crust on the rump. Turn the meat for 1-2 mins and then pop the meat in the oven at 120C until cooked to your liking, 45mins – 1hr.

Peel and finely slice potatoes. Saute sliced garlic in olive oil and a little butter, add 500 mls cream and bring to the boil. Add potatoes, thyme and bay leaf. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for 5-10mins until potatoes are soft. Transfer to baking dish and cook at 180C for 20-30mins. When potatoes are golden brown remove from oven.

Finely chop the French shallots, and sauté with olive oil and butter over the stove in a baking dish. Roughly chop the speck and add to the baking dish. Add the Brussel sprouts and then some chicken stock. Cook until tender and stock has reduced.


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