Steak Tartare

Cook Time 30 minutes

Servings 4 as a starter


400gm eye fillet or trimmed rump*
4 x free range egg yolks
50gm cornichons, finely diced
2 x shallots, finely diced
handful of flat leaf parsley, finely diced
4 x lemon wedges
worcestershire sauce
tabasco sauce (optional)
8-10cm round mould*


Very finely chop beef until it resembles a course mince, this is where a good sharp knife is best. Cover and place in fridge until its time to serve

Finely dice cornichons, parsley and shallots and divide amongst 4 separate plates ready for serving, leaving room for mould.

Separate egg yolks and set aside

Remove beef from fridge and season with salt and press into mould on the plates

Make a small indent in the center of each beef and carefully place 1 egg yolk on each

Serve immediately with lemon cheeks, worcestershire and salt if needed.

You will need a razor sharp knife
Make sure your chopping board is well cleaned
Keep beef chilled at all times

*Both cuts of meat will work here. If using rump ensure its very well trimmed, you don’t want any sinew & no fat.  Ensure beef is always chilled
*Tabasco sauce is also very good
*You don’t want the mould to be too large or too small. It will result in the tartar looking too flat or on the flipside you’ll find it hard to place egg yolk


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