Twice Cooked Whole Roast Duck

Cook Time 1 hour 15 minutes

Servings 4


1 x whole duck
½ purple cabbage
500gms green beans
salt & pepper
20gms butter


Prepare steamer & place on high heat. Pierce the skin of the duck breast and truss its legs

Once steamer has reached boiling point place whole duck inside breast side down for 30 mins.

Meanwhile finely slice cabbage, tail beans and set aside.

Once duck has steamed for 30 mins, remove to rest for 10-15 mins & preheat oven to 240deg.

Place duck on trivet and pat dry skin for roasting. Place into hot oven for at least 30 mins or until skin browns.

While duck roasts, blanch beans for 1-2 mins in salted water. Then  
sauté beans and cabbage with butter, salt & pepper. This should take approx 15 mins.

Serve duck immediately with cabbage & beans as trimming.


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