Nemenhah State FRM

In August of 2018, the former Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization entered the Federation under Treaty and became the Nemenhah State of the Federation of Royal Maya, an established self-governing nomadic indigenous people based in ancient oral and written Native American traditions passed down through the generations.

Official Name: Nemenhah State of the Federation of Royal Maya.

Short Name: Nemenhah State FRM.
Acronym: NEMFRM
Location: Nomadic, currently Headquartered in Humansville MO, 65674 USA.


Type: Unitary Constitutional Democracy.


Head of State: Nehm Tiwehkthihmpt Jonathan "Wellamotkin" Landis

Head of the Church (analog-Vice President): Tehk Tiwehkthihmpt Phillip "Cloudpiler" Landis