Official Name: The Imperial Federation of Royal Maya

Short Name: Royal Maya
Acronym: FRM
Location: 22 Degrees 44 Min N, 79 Degrees 32 Min W in the Sabana Camaquey Islands
Area: 411 sq mi

Royal Maya is a nation of three island Kingdoms; Maya, Yama, and Tago.   They are internationally known as Cayo Fragoso, Cayo Medio del Marcos and Cayos del Pajonal. Cayo Fragoso island is approx. 3.7 miles north of Remedios, Cuba (22 degrees 44 minutes North / 79 degrees 32 minutes West) in the Sabana-Camaguey Archipeligo, formerly the Villa Clara Province.  Cayos Pajonal are three hundred meters northwest of Cayo Fragoso. Cayo Medio del Marcos, is 2 square miles, in size.  The island of Yama (the island directly south of Fragoso), is 45.80 square miles.  The island of Maya (Cayos Pajonal), is 60 square miles, and Tago, (Cayo Fragoso), is 76 square miles.



Type: Federal Absolute Monarchy
Emperor: His Imperial Majesty Ajaw Janaab Pakal IV (H.M. King Philip IV)
Predecessor: HM King Mesial 


1959-1997: Prime Minister Fidel Castro
1997-2003: none
2003-2014: none
2014-2015: none
2016-2017: HM the King / Prime Minister
2018-2020: H.H Prime Minister David Arthur Darby (ep)



Ge aerial Cayo Fragoso outline noted cop